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YouTube Video Search Advertising

With 1.3 billion users, YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine, and video ads are the most engaging and easy to remember.

Advertising on YouTube is crucial to the growth and success of any business due to the platform’s engaged audience, highly targeted demographics, and real-time performance analytics.

A few of the different YouTube targeting opportunities that PaceDigital can help you take advantage of include:

  • Video Creation – complete video creative, audio, animation, editing and assembly of graphics with scripted voice-over to attract and retain your audience.
  • Video Remarketing – Show Pre-roll and sidebar display ads to users who have watched your videos, followed you on social media, or visited your website without buying yet.
  • Channel Placements – Find other channels your target customers watch and show them video ads to introduce them to your products and services.
  • Interest & Keyword Targeting – Behavioral and search data combine to zero in on the videos your target customers watch.

Sound complicated?

While YouTube ads can be a powerful tool for boosting your business’s sales and profitability, implementing this strategy can overwhelm most website owners.

You’ve nothing to fear – Pace digital is here to help!

Working together, we will;

  • Analyze your current business to identify YouTube ad opportunities.
  • Develop a targeting strategy to reach potential customers effectively.
  • Test various targeting strategies and advertising creatives to find what works best for your business.
  • Perform weekly optimizations to grow sales and reduce ad costs continuously.
  • Set up and maintain analytics tracking software so we can provide you with weekly or monthly reports on your business and ad campaigns’ profitability.


Are there any assurances provided?
Although we do not provide guarantees—no one does in the sales or advertising industry—we are so sure that we can help our clients make money that we offer results-based invoicing, which means that we only get paid when our ads bring in a profit.

When will I see the results if I start now?
Within the first two months of starting a retargeting campaign, you should begin to notice benefits.

How do you charge for this service?
We provide two flexible payment options for managing your campaigns. Firstly, we offer a monthly retainer or management fee model tailored to suit your budget and consistently sustain your enterprise’s marketing initiatives. Alternatively, you can opt for a per-campaign payment structure, which covers the creative, design, and setup aspects for either one-off or recurring pay-to-run campaigns. This approach allows for adaptable and focused financial planning to meet your unique marketing needs.

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