Pace Digital WordPress Video Tutorials

Beginning to learn WordPress? Well, what better way to learn than to watch-to-learn more about it. Select a topic from the video listed below. Visit to explore the entire realm of this modern open-source web publishing tool. Contact me to book a Google hangout one-on-one tutorial.

Wordpress com vs Wordpress org

Wordpress login
Exploring the Wordpress dashboard
Using the Wordpress Admin bar
Creating users in Wordpress
What is a Wordpress theme
Exploring Wordpress settings
How to install a Wordpress theme

What is a Wordpress Plugin

Installing Wordpress plugins
Wordpress Posts vs Pages

Creating Wordpress posts
Formatting Wordpress posts
Scheduling Wordpress posts

Applying Wordpress page templates
Creating Wordpress pages
Using Wordpress Media library
Adding images to Wordpress media library, posts and pages

Creating a custom menu in Wordpress

Using the Wordpress categories and tags

Adding links in Wordpress

Managing Wordpress comments

Using Wordpress Widgets