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Website design: WordPress Origin Story

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Throw Back Thursday

I started with desktop publishing as it came to fruition. I was working at a conventional “paste-up” advertising agency that was needing to pivot to digital. I left after multiple clients said that they “only used the company because of me…” I began a creative business developing marketing multimedia for clients and burning the artwork to a disc. My creative helped launch what would be one of the most successful digital formats of its time — creating “first-ever” interactive home entertainment DVD discs for six major Hollywood studios. The me quickly became we. My company’s interactive work set the bar for the format, on-screen motion graphic menuing and special features which I connected disc-to-web. This feature also a became a standard for every collector’s edition movie release. Creatively building the website component can be a laborious team effort, and every client wanted an agile web design process and website that they could admin themselves in the end… with WordPress, I could near-magically give them what they wanted – a website, app or blog digitally delivered. No tax. Soon making discs was no longer an investment and it all went digital – now everything is available online for download with the push of a button!

Pace digital first offices

Michael Pace’s, first office