Progressive Website Design Using WordPress CMS

When it comes to web content platforms, WordPress gets most of the buzz.
There are other options, of course, and yet WordPress dominates the web development & design landscape because of its agility as a tool for web publishing. Nearly half of the top one million websites are powered by it. The WordPress CMS platform is 10 times more popular than its closest competitor, Joomla.

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Here are three reasons why.

1) Open Source

The creators of WordPress are committed to open source ? but what does that mean for you? Most noteworthy, as an open-source platform, WordPress receives the attention of thousands of coders who work to make it better. Some are amateurs looking to add something special to their own websites. Others are pros who hope to cash in on the next big thing.

Either way, WordPress developers take advantage of this creative influx. As a result, WordPress-powered websites enjoy almost limitless design options and functionality.

2) Themes and Plugins

How do these creative minds apply their skills to WordPress?
Two words (and a conjunction): themes and plugins.

Themes are basic design formats, easily customized to meet the needs of any website. Since the demand for new custom design solutions constantly grows, so do the numbers of themes. A WordPress expert can help you craft, develop and run enterprise a level website using an existing theme.

Plugins are special features which literally “plug in” to the open source code. Whether you need contact or registration forms, photo carousels, pop-ups ? even administration help like optimization ? the plugin choices are endless. See more by visiting the WordPress repository.

3) Crowd Support

So you may not be a web developer, but you?d like to know there are creators like you out there, willing to help, share ideas, and correct problems. WordPress is all about community.

Co-founder Matt Mullenweg recently started “WordCamps,” where people wholove and work with WordPress can come together and learn. There were 115 of these events around the world last year. In addition, there are 1,262 meetup groups for WordPress all over the world.


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With all these benefits, it?s no wonder WordPress hosting is leading the way.

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Special thanks to: Josh Wardini for this guest post.

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