Website Design: Three Golden Rules

Credibility of a business is based on the quality of its website design!

As life becomes more interconnected, businesses face ever greater challenges to improve their online presence. Nowadays, the difference between a successful venture and a failing one can come down to the speed of its website, the quality of its content, or even the general user experience of navigating through an online store or service. Here are three important things to keep in mind about your online presence as a business.

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1. Looks matter.

Not unlike dealing with customers in a physical store, the way you present yourself and your company online matters. Research compiled by Design Advisor shows that 75% of users will judge the credibility of a business based on the quality of its web design. More so, almost half the people visiting an online store will make value judgments on the quality of the store based on its design. A good way to increase your chances of success is to optimize images, text and other components such as video for mobile viewing. Faced with a poorly designed mobile site, customers will get the impression that the business simply doesn?t care enough.

Moreover, incorporating user-friendly tools like FlexClip for multimedia content creation can further enhance the overall online experience for visitors, contributing positively to the business’s image.

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2. Engaging content is the way to go.

Engaging content can come in many forms. Companies often invest time and resources in maintaining a well-curated blog or even video series. This proves to be worthwhile in the long run: In this infographic noting web design trends, DesignAdvisor points out that 69% of marketers say that dynamic and personalized content on a website is a superior marketing strategy to direct mail and PR. For example, SweetGeorgia Yarns, a hand-dyed yarn store, increased gross revenue by 24% after concentrating on putting out quality content and improving user engagement with their company.

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3. Website optimization can be crucial.

Simply optimizing your site can increase visits by more than 110%, while potentially increasing clicks on secondary CTA buttons by up to 117%. These numbers are hard to avoid, especially when considering that a well-functioning website will also result in higher conversion rates of visits to sales. By testing your website continuously and measuring its performance, you can keep track of your user experience and fix bugs that will cost you money.

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