I have more than a decade of experience working with numerous content management systems in the web development space. These platforms allow me to be feature-rich while agile in site development, creating an aesthetically pleasing full-featured web presence for my clients. I craft modern creative websites for mobile, tablet and desktop. The majority of my web clients also want to be able to Administer their own site to some degree. Using WordPress as one of these content management systems allows even the basic user this capability… I’d like to say I am an expert at what I do and because of this I was invited by Colin Cieloha of http://Skilled.co?to critique an infographic. ?

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28 Facts You Probably Don?t Know About WordPress

“Just about everyone who has gone through the process of trying to figure out exactly how they will get a website online has run into WordPress already. It is an extremely popular CMS but you might not realize just how many websites are using it in 2016.” – See more at: Full Infographic

wordpress infographic

It is quite a lot to ingest about WordPress – it is very informative and chocked with wow “I did not know that” revelations. While totally fit for a newbie, it?s also a great tool for convincing a?client?to use the WordPress platform. The designer has the information well laid out and illustrated, taking you from revealing fun facts to the scary dark side with the mention of the brute force attacks and hacks (recalling 2012). Farther down in the piece it becomes a sales pitch for the sponsors. After critiquing as a user, I then reviewed from a?developers?lens? a couple of the sections could be visually stronger (odd celebrity choices) but over all I really liked it a lot. Bravo!

I am, by trade, a web designer and website host. I use WordPress daily publishing enterprise level websites, and soup to nuts digital creative. I manage a high performance linux dedicated VPS (virtual private server.) ?It is on this server that I build and host secure client sites. For most, I also manage and support their digital marketing, advertising and PR campaigns across paid, earned and owned channels.

Think of me as your digital concierge, personally tending to the integrity of your website, its popularity, security, updates, and archives.?

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