As web master and being a host service provider myself, we encounter clients whom wish to move their web site from their existing server to a new web host provider ( onto my server ) for better services, a cheaper price, bigger faster bandwidth, or just because someone or some code is being phased out.

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Moving a web site (email service) is a painstaking task and is nothing to rush into for fear of confusing your audience, and even more the potential for losing your top page rank in Google. The devil is in the details here, gather up all your resources and double check yourself, make sure everything is packed and ready for the move! Even then Murphys Law something technical or otherwise is bound to trip you up along the process. But keep pushing through!

My goal is to make the process as smooth and painless as humanly possible for my clients. Here’s a short video on tips to avoid errors and ensure best possible results.

“If you’re changing your domain because of a rebrand or redesign of your site, you might want to think about doing this in two phases: first, move your site; and secondly, launch your redesign. This manages the amount of change your users see at any stage in the process, and can make the process seem smoother. Limiting the number of changes at any one time can also make it easier to troubleshoot unexpected behavior.”


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