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Seeing the opportunity in new media, Michael A Pace founded EMA Multimedia in 1991 from the second room in his rented apartment. It quickly grew to have over 30 full and part-time employees, three locations, and set the bar for digital desktop publishing, and eventually the standard for interactive home video – DVD. EMA multimedia was at the forefront of digital Entertainment Marketing & Advertising spanning the formats of print, video, disc, and web… These are the Press Archives of Michael Pace the 16 years in business, in Los Angeles, CA. dba EMA Multimedia, Inc.. View Portfolio PDF

Press Archive of 1997-2001

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michael Pace AV magazine top 100 producers

Legacy: EMA Multimedia (digital press kit) was a “first of its kind”, digital multimedia interactive creative agency located in Los Angeles, California founded by Michael A Pace, Creative Director & CEO


Apple eNewsA Haven for Artists


“TOP 100 PRODUCERS of 2001” A/V Multimedia Magazine

“SONY DVD Pro-Discus Award Winner”
“Best Packaging and Best Educational”


People Choice DVD Awards established Newline Platinum Collection
“AUSTIN POWERS: Man of Mystery” Platinum Series

First-ever Animated DVD menu
Newline Home Entertainment “The Player” Platinum Series

First-ever DVD Kids Games added value
Newline Home Entertainment “Pinocchio” Platinum Series

DesignInMotion Daily, July 23, 2001
DVD Insider, July 16, 2001
DVD Works, July 2001
Digital Producer, July 7, 2001
Digital Post Production, July 7, 2001
Film&Video Magazine, July 7, 2001
Digital Video Editing, July 7, 2001, July 7, 2001
Video Systems, July 7, 2001
EMA Multimedia Designs its 250th DVD Interface
EMA Multimedia today announced the completion of original interface design work on its 250th DVD title: 61* for HBO Home Video. Billy Crystal directed the acclaimed baseball drama for HBO Films, which debuted on the leading cable network on April 28.

Digital Journal, May 22, 2001
Hollywood Multimedia Pioneer Helps DVDs And CDs Get Smart
Michael Pace, founder, and CEO of Century City, California-based EMA Multimedia, has produced hundreds of DVD and CD projects for major entertainment companies but somehow, knowing all those millions of discs he helped create are out in the marketplace doesn’t satisfy him.

PROMAX Online, May 22, 2001
Tech News
Here is a new opportunity for brand building through EMA’s Digital Trading Cards (DTC). DTC-enabled discs, which can be standard or shaped CDs or DVDs, receive continuously updated instructions from a server to control the way their contents are accessed. This allows DTC campaigns to be adjusted to get the latest product information to the customer of a given product as marketplace conditions change. EMA’s founder and CEO Michael Pace stressed that DTC technology is dynamic. “Within a TV-quality experience, we can turn on or off spots and time-release promotions, because the disc is dynamic to a server. We can offer customized advertising models where we provide a series of advertisers with a specific number of hits, for example, so that each time a user puts that disc in or it goes back to the main menu, the user sees a different ad., May 17, 2001
EMA Launches Digital Trading Card Technology
EMA Multimedia just announced the commercial availability of its patented and patent-applied-for DTC: Digital Trading Card technology. More information on the technology is available at

Internet Advertising Report, May 19, 2001
EMA Unveils Web-Enabled Promotional Tool
Interactive design and production studio EMA Multimedia released its Digital Trading Card product this week. The Century City, Calif.-based EMA positions DTCs as new media advertising platform, connecting companies to customers via wireless, offline and online technologies.

Pix Newswire, Apr. 6, 2001
East Meets West
Last Christmas Mike Pace, the chief executive officer and founder of Los Angeles-based EMA Multimedia, had come to New York to meet a potential partner KMGI Studios, which has its offices in New York’s Empire State Building and met with the company’s chief executive officer, Alex Konanykhin. The topic: creating an alliance that would bring a little bit of Hollywood to the corporate environment and vice versa.

LocalBusiness Los Angeles, Apr. 6-8, 2001
EMA Multimedia adds KMGI to ad arsenal
Century City firm with studio clientele agrees to promote Webmercials.

WISTA, March 2001
Computer-Based Trading Card System
US Patent and Trademark Office has granted the above patent entitled “Computer-based Trading Card System and Method” on 9th May 2000. The inventor of the U.S. Pat. No. 5,689,561 is Michael A Pace (c/o EMA Multimedia Inc, 1911 San Vicente Blvd, Suite 230 Brentwood CA 90049).

HOW Magazine, Aug 2000
Giving DVDs a Whirl

DVD Angle, Nov. 4, 1999
DVD Timeline: 1997
September 23, 1997 Milestone: The Adventures of Pinocchio from New Line becomes the first DVD ever to incorporate DVD-Video Games that are playable on your set-top player. The games were created by EMA Multimedia.
July 07, 1997 Milestone: The Player: Special Edition (now renamed to The Player: Platinum Series) from New Line becomes the first DVD ever to incorporate motion menus. The menus were created by EMA Multimedia.
June 24, 1997 Milestone: Mars Attacks! from Warner Brothers becomes the first DVD ever to incorporate sound with the menus. The menus were created by EMA Multimedia., Sep. 1, 1999
EMA Multimedia, Inc. and HBO Home Video Win Two Discus Awards at DVDPRO
EMA Multimedia, Inc. and HBO Home Video took home two Discus Awards at the 2nd annual DVDPRO Conference, for its groundbreaking DVD production of HBO’s Emmy Award-Winning “From the Earth to the Moon” film production. Honors included Best DVD Packaging and Best Educational DVD (ROM or Video).

DesignInMotion, Aug. 19, 1999
EMA Multimedia: DVD Production
EMA Multimedia, Inc. was intimately involved with DVD from its launch, having created many of the menu interfaces for the initial offering of titles from Columbia Tri-Star Home Video, Warner Home Video, MGM Home Entertainment, New Line Home Video, and HBO Home Video, and remains at the forefront of DVD design.

Adobe Premiere World, Aug. 19, 1999
EMA Multimedia: DVD Production
EMA Multimedia, Inc. was intimately involved with DVD from its launch, having created many of the menu interfaces for the initial offering of titles from Columbia Tri-Star Home Video, Warner Home Video, MGM Home Entertainment, New Line Home Video, and HBO Home Video, and remains at the forefront of DVD design.

Video Store, Oct. 24, 1999
Michelle Gaspard Joins EMA Multimedia

DVD Insider, Oct. 15, 1999
EMA Appoints Michele Gaspard
EMA Multimedia, Inc. recently appointed Michele Gaspard as the Manager of Production and New Business. Her duties will include handling the company’s DVD operations and overseeing the development of new media business accounts. Previously, Michele was part of an 8-member team that helped shift Twentieth Century Fox towards the DVD market.

DVD News, Sep. 6, 1999
EMA Multimedia, Inc. and HBO Home Video Win Two Discus Awards at DVDPRO

DVD Insider, Aug. 30, 1999
And the Winner Is?
The winner of the best educational DVD (ROM or video) is “From Earth to the Moon” produced by Michael Pace’s EMA Multimedia, authored by AIX Media Group and California Video Company and released by HBO Home Video. The winner of the BEST DVD PACKAGING is “From Earth to the Moon” with the package designed by EMA Multimedia and the package provided by IVY Hill Graphics.

Video Business, June 5, 1999
EMA exec hypes interactive future; Mike Pace of EMA Multimedia Inc.

Digital Eyes, May 1999
The First Annual Discus Awards: Best DVD Artwork: From the Earth to the Moon (HBO)
EMA and HBO were fully up to the task of how to uniquely present this multi-disc edition, the likes of which are still a rarity in the DVD world. Their solution: create a glossy, space-saving fold-out box that captures the feel of Warner’s snapper case but with more elegance and functionality. Then wrap it in a lovingly embossed silver box that looks like nothing else in the market.

Video Business, May 3, 1999
HBO’s ambitious DVD plans

DVD File, May 1, 1999
Live Chat & Events
Check out the transcript of a recent cool live chat over at DVD Talk with EMA Multimedia CEO Michael Pace. It was a great chat, and definitely worth a read., Apr. 26, 1999
DVD TALK SPECIAL GUEST: Michael Pace’s EMA Multimedia Inc.
Michael will be joining DVD Talk for a live chat on 4/26/99 at 6:30 PST in the DVD Talk Chat Room
One of the most exciting and successful DVD companies around today is EMA Multimedia, founded in 1992 by CEO Michael Pace. Located in Los Angeles, CA, EMA owns a piece of DVD history in that they designed and produced the lion’s share of titles for the March 1997 international debut of DVD., Apr. 26, 1999

Multimedia Week, Dec. 14, 1998
Deals: EMA Multimedia & Hyperlock Technologies

DVD Review, Dec. 12, 1998
Breaking the Silence
Kudos go out at this point to the visionary people at New Line’s DVD development department and the authoring facilities who put them into practice, like EMA Multimedia, who have been responsible for some of the most mesmerizing DVD releases this year! Without people like EMA’s Michael Pace, DVD Video would probably still resemble a flat, shiny version of a videotape, and would have nothing in common with the extravagant presentations we have seen on the products he has been working on. Keep up this kind of work and attitude, Michael!

Daily Variety, Sep. 1, 1998
Niche houses nail new medium
“The playing ground is leveling, and people are starting to stake their claims,” says Michael Pace, creative director and CEO of Entertainment Marketing & Advertising Multimedia Inc. (EMA), which has provided a wide range of high-tech promotional services to most of the studios since 1992.

The Hollywood Reporter, Dec. 11, 1998
DVD Update Special Issue: Facilities: EMA Multimedia, Inc.

DVD Report, Dec. 7, 1998
EMA, Hyperlock Partner on “Connected” DVD Titles

The Digital Bits, Dec. 7, 1998
Putting the Fun in DVD: Inside EMA Multimedia
When I decided that I wanted to give readers of The Digital Bits a look at the process of creating these screens, I quickly decided that there would be no better place to do so, than EMA Multimedia. EMA has been involved in DVD right from the beginning, having completed work on well over 100 of the most popular DVD titles thus far. It would be very little exaggeration, to say that EMA has single-handedly reinvented the way DVD menu screens are done.

DVD Newswire, Nov. 12, 1998
EMA Multimedia: “Connected” DVD Movies

Billboard, Sept. 12, 1998
Debut DiVi Awards Honor DVDs

Video Business, Sept. 10, 1998
EMA “Spawns” Gold at Divi Awards

DVD Newswire, Sept. 10, 1998
EMA “Spawns” Gold at Divi Awards

Tape-Disc Business, July 1998
Premastering Focus: Titles & Tools

Video Store Magazine, July 26, 1998
For all the high-tech effects and special features, DVD technology is still evolving at a tremendous rate
DVD’s interactive capabilities are also spawning a new wave of commercial uses. The medium storage capacity and fast random access capabilities make it ideal for training sessions, information booths, and other presentations. EMA is working on in-store kiosks with a department store chain. “It’s a little piece of Hollywood in stores and it’s interactive and it’s upgradeable,” Pace says.

DVD News, Mar. 1998
DVD Executives

The Hollywood Reporter, Dec. 2, 1997
DVD Special Issue: Mike Pace, CEO, EMA Multimedia

Entrepreneur, Sept. 12, 1997
Business Beat, Entrepreneurs Across America: The Player! A Shining Star in the Advertising Universe
California You may not know his name, but everyone in Hollywood does. And when the folks at Disney, Warner Bros., and TriStar Pictures are promoting a new film, you can bet they all call Michael Pace. This 33-year-old is a veritable star in the realm of entertainment advertising, crafting high-tech marketing campaigns for the film, TV, and music industries. His film credits read like those of a major star: “Batman Forever,” “The Bridges of Madison County,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” and “Dumb and Dumber.” And those are only some of the projects that helped take Pace’s Los Angeles-based EMA Multimedia Inc. to $9 million in sales last year. What’s helping the company double revenues to $18 million this year is a foray into designing ads and promos for some futuristic technology, including Digital Video Disc, the latest in home entertainment. Since the firm’s start-up in 1992, Pace has had to bulk up his in-house staff of writers, designers, and art directors to 25 full-timers to handle the workload. That’s a long way from his humble debut working out of his spare bedroom and writing credit card checks to buy a computer. Pace now thrives on the creative atmosphere at EMA’s 3,600-square-foot Hollywood headquarters. But for all the company’s high-tech hoopla, there’s a down-home feeling at EMA, thanks to Pace’s easygoing nature. To wit: If you’re ever in town, stop by and say hi to Pace’s favorite employee Lucia, his dog, who is at the office every day.

Video Store Magazine, Aug. 31, 1997
New Line Puts Pair of Games on Upcoming “Pinocchio” Disc; Survey Says Extras Count
Looking for new ways to utilize the potential of DVD, a Los Angeles-based multimedia company has developed two interactive games for the upcoming DVD release of New Line Home Video’s The Adventures of Pinocchio. EMA Multimedia designed many of the extra features incorporated on early DVD releases. The six-year-old company has worked on 47 of the initial DVD releases, including the special menus and features on The Player, THe Mask, Shine, and Mars Attacks! Pinocchio, due in September, will feature two EMA-designed games targeting kids. One will be a “Concentration”-style game. Kids will have to match pictures to reveal a cryptogram. A second game will be a quiz based on the movie. A correct answer will reveal special animation. The games are “fun and they’re something for kids to do with the remote control,” says EMA president and c.e.o. Michael Pace. The idea is to “accentuate and add value” to the DVD, without detracting from the movie, he says. Many of the EMA-designed features, such as the menu on Mars Attacks! which uses the sound effects and spaceships from the movie, incorporate the style and tone of the movie, he notes. Most of EMA’s more elaborate projects have been for New Line, which has been loading its DVD releases with special tracks and value-added features. “We’re trying to create something that is a collector’s item,” Pace says. “These are classics and my job is to give them added value.” Pace says future releases will include more animation and elaborate menuing systems, using more visual and audio elements. For example, EMA designed special “star highlights” for New Line’s The Island of Dr. Moreau, allowing viewers to view clips from the actors previous movies. A recent online survey conducted by EMA found that 95 percent of the 200 respondents read the biographies included on DVD releases, and 88 percent said the bios were an important part of the DVD experience. In other DVD news: Best Buy says it was selling an average of 30,000 DVD software units a month in Warner Home Video’s seven test cities, representing only 30 percent of its stores. The Minneapolis-based retailer claims a 20 percent market share of software sales. With Warner’s national rollout, Best Buy is vowing to have at least 150 titles in all of its 280 stores. Not all elements of the music community are thrilled with the idea of six-channel DVD audio replacing stereo. “Last time I looked I still have only two ears,” wrote New York Times columnist Jon Pareles. “In five years, if DVD hasn’t gone the way of quadraphonic sound and the eight-track cassette, I expect to see disgruntled musicians wearing buttons that, to update Phil Spector’s motto, plaintively declare: Back to Stereo.”

Laser ROT, Aug. 22, 1997
Blazing Saddles
The Blazing Saddles DVD was authored by the folks over at EMA Multimedia, Inc., and as far as we’re concerned, they are continually putting together the best DVDs in the business with regard to transfer quality, disc features, interactive menus, etc.

Pace DVD created titles
Sony HV DVD Pace