Google has created a much more complex algorithm that includes page speed, brand queries, and hundreds of other factors. And as Neil Patel, co-founder of Neil Patel Digital (The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers) explains in an in-depth look at the what Google’s new layout predicts for the future of SEO.

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As a website designer and developer/marketer, I have been a follower of NP for years now and his guidance and tools have helped me to achieve great results for my client (Makebe-leaves, RettigCorp, NLSdisplays) websites. Google is pushing the #1 Top search result down the page in its new layout and that’s a big deal for organic website ranking…and it’s not stopping there. Check it out.

Google?s ever-changing layout

“When you perform a Google search, what do you see? Some organic listings and some paid results, right? And that?s what Google has shown for years. Much hasn?t changed from its core concept…The big trend is that the organic search results have been drastically pushed down below the fold….” Read the full article

Google page rank graphic

These digital marketing trends are useful because we want results in the form of leads, conversion, or revenue. Building your website with a goal and strategy in mind can help your business grow and succeed. We can make sure to implement them properly to maximize their potential for your site.

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