For our energy ravenous generation the source of our power must be plentiful, clean, environmentally conscious, dependable and sustainable.

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Client: Belectric USA
Project: Video Doc
Shot, Edited and Finished by Michael Pace for Belectric USA

Today, Belectric USA is creating and implementing PV Solar panel technology on a grand scale — This video doc, shot, edited and finished with client Belectric USA is an informative peek at the phases from concept thru activation of a photo-voltaic power plant. Thank you to everyone at BELECTRIC USA.

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Vibe: Confident with factory like systems, Belectric as the industry leader in providing solar PV design and installation solutions — investing our future of energy self-reliance and creating jobs for America.

Key Points:

Modular PV Power Plants, easy installation and long term maintenance of Eco Power Plants, lowest cost, highest quality, factory like assembly live, special installation and upkeep… solar pv earns money.