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The Rettig Corp. – For Entrepreneurs Only from Michael Pace on Vimeo.

For Entrepreneurs Only!

You became an
entrepreneur because?

You believe in yourself.

You want to be your own boss.

You know you can do it better.

You are smarter.

You are passionate.

You want the American dream.

You have faith in yourself.

You know that?

You are Remarkable





And a Leader.

Business has taken a turn

You are struggling

Sales are down

Expenses are high

Margins are diminishing

You are behind with taxes

You are scared

You feel trapped

Payroll is late

Vendors are reacting.

You are losing credibility.

Employees are restless.

you don?t know
your next move.

What is the answer?

Stop thinking…
?This is the way it should be.?

Stop thinking…
?This is the way it could be.?

Stop thinking…
?This is the way it is supposed to be.?

These three points have caused more financial
damage than any Wall Street collapse to date.

We deal with:
?The way it is, period.?

Let?s deal with it together

Do not attempt
to hide the problem.

This creates more problems.

Together, we will?

Relieve the immediate pressure

Immediately protect you,
your family and the business

Eliminate the bleeding
in your company

Develop a cash-flow plan
for your business

Bring focus back to you and your employeeS

Drive new business

Build long-lasting
growth patterns

Teach you best practices in cash-flow managemenT

Create a feeling of safety among your staff

We will rebuild together

Remember Cicero said,
?No power is strong enough to be lasting if it lies under the weight of fear.?

Let?s eliminate the fear.

What makes working with
The Rettig Corporation

We know entrepreneurs

We understand
your position

We know the mistakes

We know the solutions

We move fast

Within two weeks
you will have a plan

You and your staff
will come back to life

We teach you the principals that will keep you
and your company safe.

We teach you how
to achieve true profitability.

Yes, even in tough times.

Our expertise
is solving the problems
that get in the way
of profitability.

Put us to work for you.

Contact Patrick Rettig
directly, today.


Don?t give up.

We believe in You.