Search Engine Advertising

Social media has expanded its purpose beyond mere social connections.

A genuinely social environment that records all of its users’ behaviors and interactions, Facebook and Instagram have evolved over the last decade from being an online platform for college students to connecting to something far more.

As a business owner, you must be aware that Facebook’s data-sharing features allow for the creation of exceptional targeting options. With Facebook’s ad platform, companies can target users with ads relevant to their demographics, interests, and actions.

You can take advantage of various Facebook targeting opportunities with the help of Michael Pace digital.

These include:

  • User Age
  • User Gender
  • Geographic Locations
  • Education Levels
  • Personal Interests
  • Person-to-Person Connections
  • Relationship Status
  • “Liked” Posts and Pages
  • Status Updates
  • Email Addresses (Custom audiences)

Facebook for Business

Businesses are finding Facebook the most lucrative advertising platform since Google, thanks to its massive user base of over 2.2 billion active users and 22 billion ad clicks annually. No matter what you sell, Facebook has more users than the entire population of China. All you have to do is use the targeting choices to find your ideal consumers.

Does it seem challenging? Despite Facebook advertisements’ potential to increase sales and profits, most website owners find the process too daunting to adopt.

There’s no need to fear,  Pace Digital is here, at your service. Collaborating, we will:

Find Facebook ad chances by analyzing your present business.

Reach out to potential clients more effectively by developing a targeting strategy.
Find out what works best for your business by testing different targeting tactics and advertising creatives.

Optimize at least once a week to maintain increasing sales and, maybe, lower ad expenditures.

Get analytics tracking software up and running so we can report to you weekly or monthly on your company’s success and advertising initiatives.


Are there any assurances provided?
Although we do not provide guarantees—no one does in the sales or advertising industry—we are so sure that we can help our clients make money that we offer results-based invoicing, which means that we only get paid when our ads bring in a profit.

When will I see the results if I start now?
Within the first two months of starting a retargeting campaign, you should begin to notice benefits.

How do you charge for this service?
We provide two flexible payment options for managing your campaigns. Firstly, we offer a monthly retainer or management fee model, tailored to suit your budget and sustain your enterprise’s marketing initiatives consistently. Alternatively, you can opt for a per-campaign payment structure, which covers the creative, design, and setup aspects for either one-off or recurring pay-to-run campaigns. This approach allows for adaptable and focused financial planning to meet your unique marketing needs.

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