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There are many challenges facing entrepreneur’s and small businesses alike. Messaging, branding, building marketing materials, web design and website programming can be daunting! Not only that but finding effective marketing strategies in this digital age of narrow attention span engagement, is essential. Luckily, choosing the right path isn’t as challenging as it may initially seem when you have a expert you can call upon. If you aren’t sure where to begin, Michael PACE digital offers some insights that can help.

Why Managing Your Own Marketing Is Best

First, it’s important to understand why handling your own marketing is typically best, particularly if you’re a new business. While a pricey agency might be able to handle all of the related tasks, the cost isn’t always worth it. And the turn-around times can be brutal. Agency Analytics notes that average profit margins for agencies come in at 11 to 20 percent, meaning a significant amount of what you’re paying doesn’t necessarily go toward your campaign.

By developing your own simple marketing plan, you can avoid high-cost agencies and still get results. Usually, you’ll want to begin with some market research, allowing you to get insights about your target audience, market saturation, competitor positioning, and product or service viability. Identifying your differentiator is also crucial, allowing you to determine how you can showcase your product or service as unique.

Once that’s handled, you can move on to developing your campaigns. There are plenty of approaches available, giving you the ability to select a path that aligns with your needs, goals, and preferences.

How to Tackle Your Marketing

Before you launch any campaign, you’ll want to determine your target audience. Knowing who your ideal customers are, allows you to focus on a marketing strategy that will be effective. You’ll also save a lot of time and money, as pinpointing a group or groups avoids unnecessary work, and the likelihood of your target audience responding quickly to your message is increased.

Also, start researching low-cost tools that can make the process easier. For example, you may want to use an online logo maker to design a logo for social media images, flyers, mailers, and more. Another excellent no-cost solution worth using is an online business card maker which allows you to create business cards by choosing from a variety of templates which you can then customize by adding your own text, font, colors, and images.

Once you have a general plan and the right tools, you’ll need to choose the right campaigns and approaches. Numerous options are available, allowing you to customize your strategy with ease. Here is an overview of some common marketing plan elements.

According to UpCity’s brand new 2022 consumer advertising data  some of their interesting, 100% original data points are as follows:

  • 77% Of Consumers Are Most Inclined To Click On B2C-Based Ads
  • 61% Of Users Would Rather Respond To An Ad From A Brand That They’ve Already Used
  • 39% Of Millennials Are Neutral To Online Ads
  • 38% of Lower-Income Consumers Are More Likely To Have Last Made A Purchase From An Ad Within The Last 3-6 Months>

Digital Presence

Whether you operate in the e-commerce space or not, having a strong digital presence is essential. According to GE Capital Retail Bank, approximately 81 percent of retail shoppers research products or services online before buying, so having a solid digital presence is a critical part of the marketing equation.

In most cases, you’ll want to start with a website. Along with showcasing your offerings, your site can take advantage of SEO best practices to secure more organic traffic, increasing the odds that your company will get noticed.

As you develop your website, balance text and images with whitespace. If there isn’t enough whitespace, your site can look cluttered, so make sure you leave enough room for the other elements to breathe.

When it comes to text, think short and sweet. Big blocks of text are hard to read, so you want to make sure to divide the information up into small paragraphs and use headers to improve readability.

Once you have your website, it’s time for social media profiles. Besides being another way to connect with your target audience, you’ll have access to affordable marketing programs. For example, Facebook advertising programs typically aren’t that costly. Plus, you can target a specific user base, making it easier to tap into your core audience.

Make sure to use SEO best practices, as well as make use of other traffic-driving opportunities like posting on social media. That way, customers can find you with greater ease.

Local Options

If you want to advertise locally, you have plenty of options. Direct mailers are a surprisingly affordable way to connect with customers in a specific area. By including coupons in the mailer, you can entice more people to explore your offerings.

Attending fairs or farmer’s markets can also be worthwhile if you’re selling products. It’s a chance to engage with customers in relaxed environments. Not only can you share the virtues of your products, but you can also get immediate feedback, allowing you to learn about customer concerns that you may want to address moving forward.

When you’re ready to start your business, effective and strategic marketing is key to your success. Use the tips above to grow your business! Reach out for more info on how I can help you with an integrated website design and grow your business, Michael PACE digital

Millennials and GenT are tech-savvy, design-aware consumers that will look you up online from their devices, and will judge you and your business by your website–before ever placing a phone call. Don’t be a dinosaur, now is time to invest in a new website.

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