Many business owners once thought that just by having a website they’d be set up for success online. However, in a web design digital flash-forward it’s 2016, mobile & tablet usage is on the rise and the largest generation in history is moving onto the internet to resource everything? static sites are now extinct web fossils. Page ranking has them rotting into internet sediment.

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Ya, you know that company website you weaved yourself years ago? Or had made by your cousin’s little brother in MS Word some time back isn’t going to make it rank on the search results page anymore. That site is already history without conforming to modern standards, fresh content and in accordance with big data search engine categorization.

*According to research “Millennials are tech savvy, design aware consumers that will look you up online from their device, and will judge you and your business by your website?before ever placing a phone call.”

Web design is ever-evolving

web web design, print and video graphic design and animation
Don’t become a web dinosaur, now is time to invest in a new website.

You need a dynamic website that will reflect the high-quality work product that you do. It needs to be viewable on any device. And optimized according to digital marketing best practices so customers will be encouraged to reach out to you, not discouraged to call you because they think you can’t keep up with the times.

This is where I come in with my design and online marketing expertise and you evolve from the internet ooze. My skilled web craftsmanship will not only make you look good online but perform and bring in leads too, all for a fraction of the cost of hiring an account rep at some digital agency.

Why not reach out and get a free no-obligation web design consultation Contact me to learn how we can help your business, and you’ll receive a free personal one-on-one consultation. Website Design, UX / UI, Web Site Hosting, and Promotion. Visit my website or email me

“Innovation succeeds when someone sticks their neck out for the big idea.”

Michael Pace, Web Designer & Developer, Media Strategist