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Marketo Guided Templates Design

Custom Reusable Landing Page Designed for Registration, White Papers, Gated Video, Webinars …and more

I’ve just wrapped the creation of a set of reusable responsive (mobile, tablet, desktop) Marketo Guided Templates, Landing Pages having integration into the marketing automation system, and initial landing page set-up for a client. These custom-designed landing pages are branded and conform to their unique style guide and have links to their social media profiles. The Marketo forms were not initially part of the process but I also helped to style them using on-page and in-system CSS. What began as a request for four templates turned out to be seven custom Marketo Guided landing pages at finish.

  1. Contact Us
  2. Contact Us alt (no testimonials)
  3. Gated Video
  4. Registration (multi-purpose)
  5. Webinar Registration
  6. Gated Whitepaper
  7. Thank you (multi-purpose)

“Marketo Guided landing page templates have a special syntax. Use this syntax to specify what is customizable and where content will end up on each landing page built from your template. Only the regions or variables you specify as editable will be available for customization within the “Guided” landing page editor.”

  • Predefined layout/structure driven by the template.
  • Only regions or variables defined as editable in the template can be customized in the editor.
  • Code changes required to modify layout and add additional assets.
  • Look and feel across device determined by rules built into the template.
  • Editable elements such as header & banner images and text, body copy, colors, graphics and forms are all part of these reusable templates.


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