So, Elon Musk bought 1.5 billion dollars of Bitcoin today per an SEC filing. Word on the street is Tesla will accept payment via Bitcoin in the not too distant future. And I’m sure by now you have heard that almost everyone except the “hedgies” (hedge fund bro billionaires) were rooting for those affable Reddit Wall Street Bets folks (r/wallstreetbets) who started a tiny revolution.

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The #Gamestonk revolution took over a global news cycle that lasted over a week. It is still in the daily feeds of anyone who tracks the markets. The sheer magnitude of that level of attention is usually relegated to the death of a sitting Pope or a Presidential Election for a World Power. The news cycle alone was worth at least 100 million dollars of free publicity. What does all of this mean? You can read Mark Cuban or Chamath Palihapitiya tweets and listen to their interviews with financial news outlets and glean that this is just the beginning of market changes that will forever change the landscape of money for generations to come.

@DeepF*ckingValue sold the movie rights. Not sure this story is his alone to tell or how interesting one guys story is especially when it comes to the universal implication that the Old Power Money structure is no longer in charge. #Hollywood will hopefully make it great, please for the love of God give it to #Sorkin..

DTC Digital Trading Card collector The idea that gamers are wicked fast and collegial nerds is nothing new to this Gen X’r, even we grew up on games and anti-establishment. We were born to stick it to the man and we invented the internet so it’s no surprise our kids grew up with diamond hands. After watching multiple global financial crises? brought on by the hedgies, these infinitely loyal kids, grow up to roll the same billionaires that caused their parents to lose their jobs is incredible. And what did these Redditors do with the money? Some paid college tuition, which should be forgiven for everyone, but I digress. I read some paid for surgery for their dogs, some used the money for medical bills for their families. Why? These people have heart and empathy.

The only emotion from wallstreet I saw on tv last week was some old billionaire crying at the loss of money. Wow that was incredibly sad and exceptionally out of touch given the global pandemic, homelessness, the economy, etc. What is even more sad is the fact that these billionaire hedgies are likely sitting around trying to figure out how to prevent “retail investors” from doing it again. Don’t worry your wall street friends @Robinhood will shut it down again, they will control who can and can’t play your shell game.

Newsflash, it’s game over boys. Bitcoin, Etherium, hell even Dogecoin “the joke” is not in your control. JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and all the establishment can buy up all the digital currency they want. They have been buying in bulk for the last couple of years already but it may not matter. The #bigbanks see the writing on the wall and they are doing everything they can to scrape together what control they can before the defi currencies start to take over completely. The establishment have to try to stay in control of the game. Tangible money is no longer cool. And let’s face it boys, you weren’t trading anything tangible anyway. Even more insulting and damaging is you were gambling against America. DTC Digital Trading Card collector slice You bet against a company to slowly crush it so it would become their story, their self-fulfilling prophecy. We already know the history books were written by the winners, the propaganda that was invented by you. That evil; started in lies will no longer be tolerated.

How sweet and beautiful it is to watch these emerging leaders, these apes, these nerds, beat you at your own game, imaginary money. You tried to hide your market manipulation and believed it would never catch up to you and while the 99% camped in the streets, you laughed all the way to the bank. Now this time the pandemic closed so many mom and pop stores across the country and again you all relished in betting against them. You bastards.

Riddle me this billionaires: why is 75 billion in “imaginary” wealth transferred out of your hands causing you all to cry on television? Are you sad your old schemes won’t work or that it is the end of an era?

Then come play in the crypto, crypto sea, or NFT‘s, DeFi, make a new blockchain or invent your own #digitalcollectibles, we welcome you. Be aware that our new world will be kinder, more creative and there will be more affluence. The major difference is it will be shared with a greater number of people. There will be no kill or be killed archaic economy. There will be freedoms and wealth beyond anything you could have ever imagined. You are already watching the birth of that revolution.

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Future assets won’t be the old statues or paintings in your homes or any of the millions of tiny thimbles at the Getty Museum. They are no longer really a place to hide your wealth from taxes and it won’t matter, they will become far less valuable as generations mature. Gen Z and Alpha don’t care to dust off their wealth anyway, they value Digital Trading Cards like Cryptokitties and their art is created by them, their peers and AI now.

As an aside, maybe pick up a few of those collectibles on your way, they’ll be easier to carry to your bunker should anything grave happen. See you on the other side daddios.

Oh and by the way, you’ve been referring to all of us as “retail investors” and respectfully, since you are now aware that we control the real economy, that’s Ms. Retail Investor to you.


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