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“If you’re looking for one person that can elevate your brand and everything around it, then Pace is your man!



Client Testimonials:

Mike possesses the rare ability to think strategically while having the skills to execute brilliantly on any creative project. Mike can design and implement a responsive enterprise-grade website, while also creating modern marketing materials that deliver results; he can do it all!

Joe Hyland

Chief Marketing Officer, ON24

Michael Pace has the capacity to conceive and execute on the vision of companies of all sizes and take their digital presence to the next level. Pace has an innate creative desire to learn and, therefore, embraces all aspects of marketing?contributing wherever possible to even greater client success for the client. I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had to work with him and look forward to collaborating again in the near future!

Jennifer Neeley

Global marketing strategist, JN Digital

Mike is a unique combination of superior work ethic and creativity. He gets things done–quickly–yet is also attentive to detail.

Tricia Heinrich

Chief Content Officer at Bospar, ON24

Michael is an extremely talented creative director, whose expertise as a digital media artist working in all media, and whose experience as a producer and executive producer, makes him an extremely valuable collaborator. He has worked with the best of the best in the Hollywood film and television industry, and in the music, gaming, Internet and mobile content industries. The output from his company is on par with the world’s top creative content developers, and Michael backs it up with his personal commitments to quality and service. Highly recommended.

Roger Darnell

Principal, and Chief Communications Officer, The Darnell Works Agency

Mike is a creative whiz with a keen design eye. His creativity leads him to pioneer new ways of capturing audiences all while harnessing people’s collective passion for whatever product he is marketing. I love collaborating with such a creative mind.

Nancy Tate

EVP, Worldwide Creative Content, Sony Pictures

Michael has always come up with really great, inventive ideas and spectacular web creative – I really enjoy working with him, and I wish I had more projects for this talents!

Mark Poncher

Executive Producer / Director, PeakXV Global

Michael has transformed my company website to create a better user experience while also maintaining our top SEO rankings. He has transformed hundreds of pages and image galleries and brought an elegant new-media touch to our branding. His knowledge of a vast array of digital technologies and tactics made him one of few candidates who could have managed it all. A creative genius!

Thank you Mike!

Susie Ameche

CEO / Owner, Make Be-Leaves, Inc.

“Mike tackled our Marketo template project. In less than a week, he customized landing page and email templates with our branding. I was not only impressed with the quality of Mike’s work, but also his speed and responsiveness. I can absolutely imagine working with Mike again as it was a pleasure and the final product was outstanding!
Thanks again, Mike! “

Renee Wagner

Experienced B2B Marketing, Communications & Public Relations Executive, InRule Technology

Michael PACE digital freed me from the shackles of a subscription template-driven website to a scalable and open-sourced platform. Literally, in my first week of going live with my new site, I received four new clients.yuck old paint logo

Raea Jean Leinster

Chief Yuck Officer, Yuck Old Paint