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Integrated digital branding; web design, website development, modern marketing, and advertising that delivers results.


Michael Pace, Web Designer Developer


Webmaster, creative marketing and advertising professional. Design, code, build and manage sites from layout-to-function, full-service secure B2B and B2C websites having custom SEO / SEM, with analytics and traffic reporting of marketing and advertising promotions.

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  • Creative Development: Web, Video, and Print 97% 97%
  • Web Design & Marketing 96% 96%
  • Digital Strategy 93% 93%
  • SEO / SEM Google Analytics 94% 94%

Entertainment Marketing & Advertising Creative

About Michael A. Pace

Michael PACE digital provides branding origination, integrated digital strategy, web design, web development, data integration, application hosting & web marketing promotions that deliver results.

Experienced with the creation of leading-edge, and enterprise-level responsive websites,  a seasoned creative who excels in managing change and engaging resources in a fast-paced agile environment.

My understanding of current web standards, trends, and best practices. I am a passionate innovator motivated by analytics and SEO performance-driven marketing outcomes. I really enjoy discussing each new design project and its marketing challenges.

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